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America's Southwest

The desert, when the sun comes up.  I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began.

Tom Hanks

SW Bryce NP.jpg

Inspiration Point, Bryce NP.  Utah.

SW Quail.jpg

California Quail, Valley of Fire State Park. Nevada.

SW Goosenecks SP.jpg

Goosenecks State Park.  Arizona.

SW Monument Valley.jpg

Monument Valley Overlook.  Arizona.

SW Valley of Fire.jpg

Looking East. Valley of Fire State Park.  Nevada.

SW Mono Lake.jpg

Mono Lake. California.

SW Zion NP.jpg

Zion NP. Utah

SW Natural Bridges.jpg

Kachina Bridge, Natural Bridges Natural Monument.  Utah.

SW Sheep.jpg

Big Horn Sheep.  Valley of Fire State Park. Nevada.

SW Capital Reef.jpg

Sunset Point, Capital Reef NP. Utah.

SW Death Valley.jpg

Sandstorm Sunrise.  Death Valley NP. California.

SW Painted Hills.jpg

Painted Hills Sunset. Oregon.

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