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Fall moose.  Beartooth Highway. Montana.
Humpback Whale.  Fiordland Conservancy marine park. British Columbia.
Bull Elk.  Yellowstone National Park.
Pronghorn antelope.  Lamar  Valley, Yellowstone National Park.Valley,
Migrating Swan.  Skagit River flatlands. Washington State.
Baby goat.  Icefields Parkway.  Alberta, Canada
Mink.  Saloomph Creek in British Columbia.
Fall Bison. Yellowstone National Park
Red Fox in morning mist.  San Juan Islands.  Washington State.
Mountain goat.  Top of the World on the Beartooth Highway. Montana.
Fall Pika.  Beartooth Highway, Montana.

Great Bear Rain Forest.  British Columbia

Beartooth Highway.  Montana.

Mountain Goat on the Icefields Parkway.  Alberta

Saloompt Creek.  British Columbia.

 Lamar Valley.  Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park.  Wyoming.

Red Fox,  San Juan Islands. Washington

Mountain Goat, Beartooth Highway. Montana.

Skagit River Flatlands.  Washington.

Pika, Beartooth Highway. Montana.

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